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HSK/HSKK/YCT Online Tests

„Home Edition“ - Information and important hints


HSK, HSKK and YCT exams are organized and run around the world by the Language Cooperation Center. These are internationally standardized tests of Chinese language proficiency that have been set up for non-native Chinese speakers to enable Chinese learners to scientifically and effectively certify their Chinese language proficiency. Due to the global pandemic, Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. released the online “Home Editions” in April 2020 , with the aim of enabling learners to continue to study abroad as planned, to graduate and to apply for jobs.

Upcoming test dates 

  • HSK and HSKK: 27. February 2022
              Registration until: 13. February 2022, 17:00
  • HSK and HSKK: 12. March 2022
              Registration until: 26. February 2022, 17:00
  • HSK and HSKK: 23. April 2022
              Registration until: 9. April 2022, 17:00
  • HSK and HSKK: 25. June 2022
              Registration until: 11. June 2022, 17:00

Exam starting times

  •     HSK 1, HSK 3 and HSK 5    -    1:30 p.m.
  •     HSK 2, HSK 4 and HSK 6    -    9:00 a.m.
  •     HSKK    -   4:30 p.m.


HSK Online "Home Edition" 

  • HSK Level 1 & 2     26,00 Euro
  • HSK Level 3 & 4     45,50 Euro
  • HSK Level 5 & 6     65,00 Euro

ORAL - HSKK Online "Home Edition"

  • Basic               19,50 Euro
  • Middle             32,50 Euro
  • Advanced       45,50 Euro

How to register

  1. Register at www.chinesetest.cn within the registration period (starting approx. 2 months before the date of test) choose the correct date and test center!
  2. Transfer the examination fee to the account of Confucius Institute, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz,
    Account: 500 955 00 605 / Bank Austria / IBAN: AT 32 12000 500 955 00 605 / BIC: BKAUATWW
    Pupose / state of intent must be indicated as below:
    for test March to September 2021: ALB790900SSE, HSK fee / or HSKK fee
    for test October to December 2021: ALB 790900WSE, HSK fee / or HSKK fee
  3. Send you payment confirmation to dongxia.wang-preiss(at)uni-graz.at

Exam location and environment

  • The exam must take place in a quiet, safe and closed room and must not be taken in public places (e.g. parks,      internet cafés, restaurants, etc.).
  • Laptop / PC, screen and keyboards are to be placed visibly on the table.
  • Nobody is allowed to enter the room during the exam, and there are also no prohibited items (paper, writing implements, cameras) in the room.
  • If this regulation is violated, the test result is invalid.


  • Laptop / PC: with Windows operating system (7/8/10), screen resolution of 1440x900 is recommended, minimum requirement: 1366x768. Devices with Apple operating systems are not compatible. Tests cannot be done on smartphones and tablets.
  • Software: Please install the online Chinese test app on your computer. You will receive the download link to the app by email after your successful registration.
  • Internet: Minimum requirement: 150KBs, broadband 20M. A speed test can be done after installing the software. If the minimum speed is not reached, it is recommended to refrain from taking an exam.
  • You also need a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) with internet access and a camera.
  • Camera(s): Make sure that there is good lighting for a clear picture and that the cameras are working properly.
    If your PC is equipped with an integrated HD camera, this can be used. Otherwise, use an external HD camera (at least 300,000 pixels).
  • To use the mobile device, you will receive a link from us to the designated uniMEET online conference room. In this online conference room you and your exam supervisor will stay connected for the time of your test preparations as well as during the exam.
    • You enter the designated online conference room one hour in advance to the test start. Than you place your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) at a distance of at least one meter to the left or right behind yourself, so that we can see you and your computer screen at the same time.
    • In order to ensure compliance with the regulations, we will ask you to show your entire exam room (360°) by the camera of your mobile device before the test starts. Your exam supervisor will also ask you to identify yourself. Have your ID on hand.
    • Then connect your mobile device to the WIFI network and activate flight mode.
    • Be sure to have your devices charged that they will not shut down during the online test or checkout.
  • Headset / headphones / microphone: check functionality and output quality of the chosen device. In order to achieve an optimal test result, pay attention to good sound absorption. The microphone is only required for the oral exam as part of HSKK.
  • Headsets / headphones and computer mouses with bluetooth technology are not allowed!

Note: It is not permitted to make notes or recordings of the exam! Neither on paper, nor by photo, electronically or otherwise.



  • To ensure the safety and legality of exam operations, you consent to Chinese Testing International Co. Ltd / Third Party Chinese Test Centers collecting exam-related information. This includes: name, photo, information on the identity card as well as audio and video recordings during the exam. This personal data is only stored and used to the extent permitted by law and for the purposes provided by law for Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd (e.g. to ensure test security).
  • To register, upload a current portrait or passport photo that meets the following criteria:
    • The photo is not older than 6 months on the day of the examination.
    • The face must be clearly recognizable, images with hats, headscarves, hair accessories, sunglasses or other accessories are not permitted. Photos of exam participants with corresponding religious denominations are not subject to these restrictions.
    • Your portrait is accepted as black and white as well as color photo, please pay attention to a white or light background! Cropped everyday photos, vacation photos or snapshots will not be accepted.

Note: The uploaded photo is the basis for biometric identification when entering the virtual exam room and for identity verification during the exam itself. If the identity check fails due to an unsuitable photo, you will not be able to take the exam and the exam will be automatically canceled, the exam fee will not be refunded.

  • Register for the exam at www.chinesetest.cn within the specified periode. Please select the option "Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) / 居家 网 考" in the field "Test format / 考试 形式" to find the right test center and pay attention to the correct test date. Payed test fee counts as successful registration. If you have any problem signing up, please contact us.
  • The examination is taken at a location in Austria, i.e. the location of the examinee upon the test day is within Austria


When, how and what to prepare for the exam

  • Register 3 days before the test with your personal access data at www.chinesetest.cn. The confirmation of registration is stored in the personal information center. Print it out and check the personal data (name, nationality, gender, type of ID, number of ID, etc.) and other information (name of the test, time of the test, name of the test center, information, etc.). Keep your personal admission ticket safe, you need the ticket number when you log in to the exam!
  • Please get your password at www.chinesetest.cn the day before the exam.
  • Important: A preparatory video conference will take place approx. 2 days before the exam. You will receive the information regarding date and time as well as the link in time.

Procedure on the day of the exam

  • Enter the designated online conference room approximately 50 minutes before the exam begins.
    • To identify yourself, show your Admission Ticket and your identity card to your examiner via the camera.
    • Afterwards, your examiner will ask you to give a 360° view of your surroundings via the mobile device.
    • Place your smartphone or tablet at a distance of at least one metre to the left or right behind you so that we can see you and your computer screen at the same time.
    • Then connect your mobile device to the WIFI network and activate flight mode.
  • Click the client "HSKExamClient.exe" immediately.
    Attention: An extension or postponement of the examination time due to a delayed login, regardless of the underlying event, is not possible.
    • Check your camera, headphones and internet connection
    • Exam Login:
      Read the exam regulations and agree.
      Please enter your correct Admission Ticket number and password.
    • Biometric identification by facial recognition follows.
    • Please check your microphone (only required for HSKK)
    • Now download the test
    • The countdown to the exam is running
    • Start the exam

Note: If verification of your identity and exam environment is not done on time or there are any deficiencies, the exam will not be administered and the registration fee will be forfeited


Examination regulations

  • The examinee must take the exam alone, independently and in a room suitable for the exam. No other person is allowed to enter the room during the exam. Objects that are not directly required for the exam (paper, writing implements, books, notes, course documents, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Laptop / PC and keyboard must be visible on the table for the duration of the exam. It is forbidden to record the exam or to take notes on the test in any form.
  • In order to ensure the fairness and legality of the examination, an examination supervisor is called in addition to the examiner. The examinee is obliged to show up and remain, also making his/her shoulder area visible, in the camera picture of his mobile device (by online conference tool uniMEET) for the whole test periode.
  • The exam itself is taken on the laptop / PC with the help of the online HSK / HSKK / YCT exam app. The face recognition or identity check is carried out before and during the exam using the laptop/PC camera and exam software.
  • If the examination is not taken or completed for organizational reasons that are the responsibility of the examinee, the examinee assumes responsibility. Extending or postponing the planned examination time is neither possible nor permitted. In these cases, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • If the exam supervisor perceives unusual behavior, gestures, calls etc. of the examinee, a warning must be issued.
  • According to the "Measures to Violate the Chinese Examination Regulations", the exam will be canceled if someone else takes the exam on behalf of the examinee, or if the examinee uses incorrect, falsified or altered documents and photos. At the same time, a 2-year ban on examinations comes into force.
  • Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd and the local exam center reserve the right to pursue post-exam accountability for any violations of the regulation by the examinee.

Exam result and certificate

  • You can check your test results 10 days after the HSK / YCT exam or 25 days after the HSKK exam via your admission ticket or at www.chinesetest.cn.
  • As soon as you see your result, you can also download your certificate and print it out yourself ( max. 3 times). To receive a certificate printed by the examination center, log in to “Personal Information Center” at www.chinesetest.cn and click “额外 成绩 报告”. Here you can order the certificate to be sent by post to your home address or to the local examination center. The examinee bears the shipping costs.


Don't hesitate to contact us, if there are any questions! We will be glad to assist!

We wish a big success!


Office Management
Elisabethstraße 32 / 2.Stock 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 73 73
Mobile:+43 (0)6648565114

Mo bis Do 9 bis 16 Uhr
Fr 9 bis 12 Uhr
and by agreement

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